We were very fortunate to grow under the renowned leadership of Nelson Andrews and the “family first” mindset of Miles Warfield, Sr. Though they are no longer with us, we treasure their memories as outstanding leaders and friends.


Nelson Andrews

Nelson Andrews lived a life of integrity and compassion. He routinely demonstrated those qualities in simple gestures – a smile to a stranger or encouraging word to a co-worker.

Nelson was consistent in living these values every hour of every day. His commitment and hard work inspired his family, his partners and the members of the Brookside team to buckle down, dig in and make success happen. His well-documented commitment to his community (founding member of Leadership Nashville, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and the Nashville Alliance for Public Education, together with too many board and committee memberships to count) and adoration of his family confirmed it was possible to live our lives in promise and humility. It’s sorrowful that the year which has shown more difficulties and struggles than many of the past several combined, is also the first year that we are without Nelson. However, while not physically present, we submit that he continues to speak to us as loudly as he ever has. We should allow his legacy of grit, focus, intelligence and heart drown out the doubt and the fears existing today. Just as Nelson committed himself to us and to excellence, so should we commit ourselves to a similar path in his memory. We, the family at Brookside Properties, are grateful to have learned from Nelson, proud to have known him and blessed to have loved him. Albert Einstein said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” He must have been speaking to Nelson Andrews, and we are most proud to say, Nelson heard him.
Miles Warfield, Sr.



Miles Warfield, Sr.

Miles Warfield, Sr. was Brookside Properties’ first employee. In those early days, Miles wore a multitude of hats – property manager, leasing agent, developer, operations manager.

In this, and all of his subsequent positions as Brookside grew, Miles set the standard for excellence through his dedication, his insight and his respect for fellow employees, his “Brookside Family”. He approached his “Warfield” family in much the same manner—with sensitivity, dedication and wisdom. Wife Sharon, sons Miles, Jr., Patrick and Andrew, brothers Charlie and Bill, and father Charlie, Sr., personify Miles’ legacy of abundant character. All would agree with Miles’ oft-cited mantra, “FAMILY FIRST”. In addition to family, Miles led multiple community causes of compassion including Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes and the local division of Girl Scouts of America. With this deep investment in both his private and his public family, the void felt from Miles’ passing, was and continues to be enormous. Honesty, respect, discipline and integrity – characteristics of Miles, Sr., and the continuing quest of the Brookside Family Miles influenced every moment we had with him.